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Growing Communities for Today and Beyond

At The Garcia Companies, (also known as The ESG Companies), we take pride in our ability to envision what’s possible - often on a large scale - and then execute that vision to bring enduring pride and value to the cities and regions in which we operate.

A highly experienced, forward-thinking and civic-minded firm, our desire for strong, sustainable communities extends well beyond the traditional to include expertise in land management strategies, diverse development capabilities, and innovative solutions for viable growth.

A Proven Record of Leadership and a Commitment to Community

We sustainably manage raw land, identify the resources to promote economic efficiency, utilize the latest technologies and build relationships to foster innovative programs.
From land acquisition to construction to management and leasing, we perform a wide range of services and develop deep partnerships in order to deliver unique developments.
We actively pursue progressive solutions that will benefit future generations, including renewable energy initiatives, water conservation, and programs for viable economic growth.
Since a community is only as strong as its people, we take an active role by serving on governing boards, providing counsel and mentorship, and contributing funds.