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Envisioning the Future
Rooted In Values

Envisioning the Future

At The Garcia Companies, we reach toward the future with our values firmly rooted in the past, honoring where we came from and holding true to our vision for tomorrow.  We keep focused on what we hope to achieve and also on how we intend to achieve it.   Our ability to tackle complex challenges, build solid foundations, and develop long-lasting relationships epitomizes our work – both past and present –defining factors that will remain constant into the future.

Looking forward, we know that our success is not just about what we can accomplish but also about what we give back.  Our achievements have enabled us to contribute in ways both large and small to our neighbors and the causes we cherish, a practice that has sustained The Garcia Companies for more than 60 years.  It is a spirit of service and giving instilled by our founder that will continue to guide us.

Given our decades of diverse experience and success, The Garcia Companies remain rooted and flexible, steady and nimble, deeply connected to our community and always open to new and vibrant possibilities.

Our values encompass our PASSION for what we do and INTEGRITY in how we do it. It is our ENERGY and INSTINCT that propel us to seek unique opportunities and achieve impressive results. Our foresight, hard work and commitment to treat all individuals with dignity and respect guide us forward.

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it” is our guidepost, and rather than think outside the box, we simply choose not to see one. We have remained connected and committed to the places where we live, work and play. When we look to the future, we want to create strong, sustainable communities inspired by the very people who will live there so we can play our part in building a better, more connected world.

We at The Garcia Companies look to the future with enthusiasm and excitement for the projects we will do, the partners we will work with, and the people we will serve along the way.