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Innovative Solutions
Sustainable Results and Reliable Resources

Innovative Solutions

The Garcia Companies operates with fresh ideas, unique collaborations, and new and creative ways of approaching a challenge. An entrepreneurial business with the ability to undertake and complete large and complex initiatives, our ability and willingness to rely on our years of diverse expertise while also reaching out to a vast and ever-growing circle of experts, partners, and team members sets us apart.

We continue a relentless search for the best and brightest ideas and have developed a sound basis for evaluating and placing those ideas into action.

We often go where the needs take us. The need for renewable, sustainable and accessible energy led us to participate in research, advocacy and development of solar energy facilities in the state of Florida.  As the water crisis intensified surrounding the Everglades, we explored the best and safest methods to provide solutions for water conservation. And as the beaches eroded on both Florida coastlines causing significant environmental damage, we discovered and mined high quality sand on our Hendry County property that is now providing much needed relief to the state.

At The Garcia Companies, we believe that true innovation comes from an openness to new ideas, a willingness to reach out, and an ability to evaluate and execute on the information received.