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Eddie’s Stories
Vignettes of Eddie's Childhood & Youth
Eddie's Stories Hero

Moments That Endured

As the son of an immigrant growing up poor during the Depression in Norfolk, Virginia, Eddie learned indelible lessons about hard work, ingenuity, standing up, keeping the faith, and giving back that defined his life and set the course for the way we do business and interact with our community. We are pleased to share this collection of stories from Eddie’s youth and a glimpse of the intriguing life he led.

Rosa and Manuel Garcia
Born into a strong immigrant family, Eddie was destined for a life of action, adventure, and love before he ever arrived on the scene.
Eddie Child
As Eddie faced his first significant obstacle, he learned early the power of faith and family and not allowing others to limit his view of what he could accomplish.
Mother Rosa
A disabled baby is left in a basket on the rectory steps of St. Mary's. Eddie's mother and her friends are called into action, setting the stage for decades of compassion and care.
Manny and Eddie
Eddie's world changes as the pain of the Great Depression hits the streets of Norfolk, Virginia, teaching him valuable lessons about what endures when life breaks down to survival.
In the heat of the struggle, Eddie and his friends carve out a childhood of freedom and adventure, making their own toys, games, and transport. The desperation and danger of the moment add intensity to their excitement.
Mr. Gelardi
Eddie's desire to wear a uniform and fit in as a child leads to a public unmasking and a critical lesson in his life.
Drawing on his father's vision and his mother's faith, Eddie develops a unique view of the world and the opportunities that lie ahead.
Eddie loses his brother Freddie, the hero of his childhood, and takes solace and inspiration from Freddie’s hands-on commitment to help others and his mother’s unwavering faith.
Manny and Eddie
As the family struggles with the realities of the Depression, glimmers of hope shine through. Eddie tries his hand at earning money and makes it clear he won’t be held down for long.
Consumed with desire to go to the movies with a friend, Eddie ignores the lessons of his father, hoping the ends will justify the means and makes a mistake that haunts him into adulthood.