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Land Management
Providing the Best Ground Around

Land Management

Understanding the value of raw land and its resources is a cornerstone of the land management capabilities of The Garcia Companies. It is here that we take a progressive approach to creating sustainable models of growth while assembling innovative partnerships that serve the greater good.

At Garcia Family Farm, a 15,000-acre enterprise in rural south central Florida, Hendry County, we take pride in producing a variety of products and inventive programs that provide necessary resources for our community. From citrus and row crops and water conservation to beach nourishment, our vision and foresight has enabled us to enhance both our local communities and our region at large.

Within our operation, we have identified solutions that focus on state-of-the-art technology coupled with efficient systems of control for harvesting of crops, excavating sand for beach nourishment, and maintaining the largest privately operated water management system in South Florida. In addition, we work in partnership with the University of Florida to identify new root stock and citrus tree varieties to combat citrus greening disease, and we’ve been working with the Hemp Advisory Council in the State of Florida to explore the value of hemp to the community.

When it comes to land management we always look for innovative ways to maximize resources and reach for sustainable solutions while creating unprecedented programs that will enhance our communities as well as serve the people who live in them.