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"Garcia" Heads Off to College Through Topaz Assistance Dogs

Monday, March 18, 2024 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Garcia 5104Last fall we brought on a new member to our dedicated team. His name was “Garcia,” and he was a furry pup sponsored through Topaz Assistance Dogs. Over the course of six months, he received exceptional training provided by Marge, the wife of Russ Merle, Vice President of Construction. Marge is a superhero in her own right, having dedicated much of her time to successfully training many of these furry superheroes.

The training process is rigorous and requires a lot of dedication from both the dogs and their trainers. However, the results are well worth it, as these amazing animals have the power to transform lives.

Although he's still just a puppy, Garcia is well on his way to becoming an excellent assistance dog.

After months of hard work with Marge, we are happy to announce he has graduated with honors from his first training course. Garcia is off to his next step, puppy college!

As a company we're honored to be a part of Garcia's journey and know he will go on to do great things. We extend our gratitude to Marge, Garcia, and Topaz Assistance Dogs for providing people in need with independence and plenty to love!

About Topaz Assistance Dogs, Inc.:  

The mission of Topaz Assistance Dogs, Inc. is to empower individuals with disabilities by providing safety and independence through partnership with skilled Assistance Dogs.