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El Maximo Dispersed Water Management Project Breaks Ground

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 | Osceola County, FL

On Tuesday, September 13, South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) representatives joined our President, Josh Kellam, and Site Manager, Johnny DiPietro, at the El Maximo Dispersed Water Management Project located in Osceola County, as we broke ground on the state-funded project to store and cleanse water. Dispersed Water Management Projects are public-private partnerships with private landowners to temporarily store and treat excess water on their land.

Representatives from SFWMD included:
• Ben Butler, Governing Board Member
• Drew Bartlett, Executive Director
• Sean Cooley, Communications Director
• Candi Heater, Administrative Services Director
• Libby Pigman, Regional Representative Supervisor

A portion of the El Maximo property, approximately 7,000 acres, was recently added to our Agricultural Land Management portfolio. We lease and manage the property and serve as contractor for the development of the water project. Collectively, we now manage more than 30,000 acres of agricultural property.

We previously participated in the construction of Floating Vegetative Tilling (FAVT) technology at a site located on our Garcia Farms property in Hendry County, which we continue to operate and maintain today. In addition, we operate and maintain the largest private water management system in South Florida at Garcia Farms.

The Garcia Companies is proud to work with the South Florida Water Management District, our subcontractors, vendors and partners, to continue to develop innovative ways to treat, store, and move water to increase water quality and quantity.

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